Aden McReady, a bastard child of a drug and alcohol addled mom and an unidentified dad is reduced to singing in the subway for handouts. He is jolted into the final realization that the only way to predict ones future is to create it through faith, blood sweat and tears. After numerous struggles, recoveries and relapses he accidentally meets the man who is his dad, a man who once had it all but would give it all back to have been able to just have been present for his only son. Aden's future is his gift with music which is recognized by a preacher who was once a dynamic hip hop artist on the brink until he commits his life to his faith. The preacher and Adens church going girlfriend help. However, believing that he has 'loser' in his DNA, the relapses occur until the meeting with his dad. After a rocky start of the relationship, Aden attributes his songwriting success to the emotions he went through as a neglected child. Now, when surrounded by the love and caring that has eluded him all his life, Aden starts his own family armed with the desperate plea of a dying man (his father) never to neglect his children.

SUBWAY SON - Short Film Trailer

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